We are Fourco

We deliver your future-proof cloud platform, from conception to realization

FourCo was founded in 2018 by Emiel Kremers, Bas Smit and Arjen van Wijngaarden as they saw the value of bringing together their extensive experience in IT infrastructure and cloud.

In spring 2023 FourCo joined SLTN in Hilversum, NL and is the “modern infrastructure ” business unit.

We are proud of our very experienced, professional team and loyal customers. We are vendor independent and strive to deliver the best cloud & infrastructure solutions for our customers. We are open and honest professionals and love to work together with our customers as part of their team. We are not afraid to challenge, or say no, if we do not believe in a solution, but are willing and capable to take full ownership of a challenge that we believe in.

Experienced professionals in cloud and IT infrastructure
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We believe in a world where service providers and IT organizations are genuinely complementary to each other. Together we enable and accelerate your digital transformation.


FourCo is your service provider and part of your team that takes ownership of the delivery, with modern infrastructure and cloud expertise. With our hands-on experience we deliver free of choice innovative solutions and services, using battle-tested methods and technologies that realize future-proof IT platforms for your organization.

Our Values

  • We are complementary to your team
  • We invest in long-term relationships
  • We follow a strong moral compass
  • We believe in continuous improvements
  • We invest in the development of our people
emiel kremers

Emiel Kremers

Lead Consultant


bas smit

Bas Smit

Lead Consultant


arjen van wijngaarden

Arjen van Wijngaarden

Sales + organization