Managed Cloud Services

Let us manage you modern infrastructure, so that your team can focus on the functionality and the business value

A future-proof IT platform where your AWS/Azure infrastructure management is taken care of.

Is cloud also new for your organization? Working in or with cloud implies new technologies, but also new concepts and ways of working.

Are you struggling with getting started with the cloud and having the right knowledge and capacity in your team. A modern cloud infrastructure is secure by design, very flexible, needs continuously cost control and keeping up with continuous flow of new cloud services becoming available from AWS/Azure. Is your team ready to design and build such an infrastructure based on infrastructure as code? Is your team ready to keep it updated and managed in the desired way?

The promise of DevOps is that the Development teams take full end-to-end responsibility of the well-functioning of the application, including the platform side.

“What we see at our customers is that DevOps is often 90% Development and 10% Ops. But don’t underestimate the importance of the ops.”. IT Infra manager Travel Company

Do you really want your people to focus on this?

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You can focus on the applications and their business value.