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Realizing your own Data Hub in 2 weeks

Your modern Data Hub

Digital transformation has a significant impact on people, processes and tools. It is a radical shift on how we work with IT and data. There are new developments like cloud, datascience, agile working, AI and IoT that imply the use of new technologies and new ways of working.

Providing a flexible and secure environment for data is becoming a priority for many IT Managers. For example datascientist are innovating with modern tooling like machine learning, Python, Scala and require a lot of flexibility and freedom to experiment with data. The challenge is to give enough freedom to experiment without jeopardizing the security.

Does your IT organization have the knowledge, experience and people to successfully facilitate this in a fast manner?

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FourCo Data Hub helps you accelerate on your journey to become data-driven

We are FourCo. Your partner in helping you to realize a modern data environment. The foundation of digital transformation and an absolute need for becoming data-driven.

A Data Hub is a modern environment for data ingestion, storage and processing that give you a lot of flexibility. But at the same time control over security and data management. The Data Hub is a key component for your IoT and data science use cases.

We can help you to create your own cloud-based Data Hub based on our standard framework. The Data Hub framework includes many best practices, predefined security and data management and is customizable to your specific wishes. With our FourCo Data Hub, our promise is that you can have your first version up and running in 2 weeks.

The Data Hub is YOUR solution, it can run in your own cloud subscription and you are totally in control.

FourCo is unique in offering you with the choice to:

Maintain and support the codebase yourself

Subscribe for new versions of the Data Hub

Let us manage your Data Hub (24/7)