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Consultancy Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is an often overlooked item, but wrong choices can have tremendous impact on the business on cost, availability and performance. Fourco’s consultants are specialized in the design, consultancy, build and maintenance of enterprise IT platforms and infrastructure, ….

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Cloud Services

Many organizations are looking into (public) cloud as the cloud promises cost saving, complexity reduction, faster time to market and ease of use. The reality however is that many migrations turn into a disappointment as costs can get out of control and cloud adds a new ….

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Gitops – CI/CD

New ways of working on the software side translates into new requirements for deployment of new functionalities. Modern environments deploy new features daily, or multiple times per day. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is the way to automate how new ….

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Cloud Set-up & Migration

Your organization has decided to adopt cloud as part of your IT infrastructure, meaning that the cloud becomes an integral part of the IT environment. The question is how to successfully use the cloud. There are many stories from moving to the cloud, the latter because ….

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Data Warehouse Migrations

Migrate your Legacy Data Warehouse (Teradata, Oracle, Greenplum, SQL Server) to any Cloud, any Database. Modernize your data pipeline from Source to Target: Real-time, Streaming and Batch. We provide a free migration assessment. We will analyze your Teradata ….

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Data Hub

Digital transformation has a significant impact on people, processes and tools. It is a radical shift on how we work with IT and data. There are new developments like cloud, data-science, agile working, AI, IoT that imply the use of new technologies and new ways of working. Providing ….

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Managed Cloud

Is cloud also new for your organization? Working in or with cloud implies new technologies, but also new concepts and ways of working. Are you struggling with getting started with the cloud and having the right knowledge and capacity in your team. A modern cloud infrastructure is ….

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Docker-Kubernetes Services

Docker©* containers play an important and increasing role in modern IT stacks. Making containers part of your architecture can make your applications flexible, resilient and platform independent.

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