Landingzone Quickstart

The need for a Landingzone

The typical organization’s start “in the cloud” is a developer creating an account, and spinning up some services for a proof of concept. And hey man, this is easy! The proof of concept is a success and gets used by the business, new services are being added and the cloud journey has started!

BUT…. As the cloud presence grows the organization becomes more and more dependent on cloud based services and applications and it becomes clear that the cloud will need to comply with a different set of measure like security, user/access management, networking, high availability, logging, monitoring and cost control!

This is where the “landingzone” plays a role: a landingzone is the starting point from which you can deploy workloads and applications. It is a proven environment – based on Infrastructure as Code-  to get started with multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, logging and cost control.

FourCo has combined all best practices and our experience in a “Landingzone Quickstart”. With the Quickstart we deliver a landing zone in a record time, saving time and money, but at the same time is flexible and can be adapted to any specific customer requirements.    

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