In a fast changing IT world availability, scaling and agility is key.
We help businesses adapt to these changes
by delivering infrastructure consultancy services

Organizations are facing radical changes in the way they are operating, these are caused by disruptions in the field of IT. After many years of incremental improvements on the IT systems, an explosive combination of changing technologies, technology stacks and ways of working is impacting how organizations work.
Organizations are confronted with a combination of:

  • move from on-premises to a cloud platform
  • the move away from proprietary to open-source software
  • the move towards software defined everything
  • the move from batch to real-time
  • the increasing popularity of agile
  • the upcoming of data centric thinking, Big Data and AI

This environment is a huge opportunity, or challenge and can have serious positive and negative impacts.
FourCo helps your organization in making the right choices in IT Platform/Infrastructure and take ownership of the delivery of these choices. All this in a controlled way and at a reasonable cost, maintaining the availability, performance and security of your IT environment.

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What we believe in

  • Delivering added value
  • Low maintenance infrastructures
  • Pay as you grow solutions
  • Helping customers focus on their business

Infrastructure consultancy services

  • Cloud platform setup and migration (Amazon AWS)
  • Kubernetes Container Orchestration
  • Scalable OpenSource SaaS hosting
  • Serverless concepts
  • CI/CD consultancy
  • Big Data platforms