FourCo acquired by SLTN

SLTN ( has taken over 100% of the shares of the Amersfoort-based IT service provider FourCo IT Services (Fourco), with retroactive effect from 1 January 2023. FourCo IT Services provides consultancy services in the field of modern IT infrastructures. The company has extensive knowledge in areas such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Infrastructure as Code and Amazon AWS. As an independent entity, FourCo will continue its activities within SLTN and will move to SLTN’s head office in Hilversum. More information about FourCo can be found at

Eugene Tuijnman, CEO SLTN: “We are very pleased with this complementary acquisition. SLTN already has a lot of knowledge in the field of various Multi Hybrid Cloud solutions, but with the arrival of FourCo, our Cloud proposition will be further strengthened with, among other things, Kubernetes and OpenShift knowledge. SLTN has a LinuxOne Mainframe in its Private Cloud, which is the most secure and scalable Red Hat Openshift platform in the world, and together SLTN and Fourco can offer this Red Hat OpenShift platform Managed As A Service. By combining the certifications of SLTN and FourCo in the area of ​​Amazon AWS, a very strong combination is also created in this Public Cloud area. Due to the trend towards Multi Hybrid Cloud, SLTN expects further strong growth” Arjen van Wijngaarden, director of FourCo IT Services: “We are very pleased with the acquisition by SLTN. This takeover not only gives us more than 500 specialized colleagues, but we can now also participate in much larger projects and services, where we were previously selected on knowledge, but FourCo was often found to be too small to handle the very business-critical infrastructures. deliver. SLTN’s successful tender desk will also help FourCo to establish an even better track record in the field of Public Procurement.”


Arjen van Wijngaarden